Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A vegetarian is born

My initial post

The first of July while watching a UFC fight, I saw an ad on a guy’s shorts that read MeetyourMeat.org. It was a site by PETA encouraging readers to become Vegetarian and Vegans. Their tag line was ‘the site the meet companies don’t want you to see”.

I’m going to give it a whirl. No big deal you say? Meat is a big deal here in cattle country! We have meat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and I’m pretty sure I’ve had some kind of desert made with meat.

I can remember being very little when my grandpa had cows. I was so scared of them, Mom or Daddy had to put me on the tractor so I would stop crying. As I got older we had cows at home. By then I wasn’t scared of course but after feeding them and watching them grow up, I couldn’t eat them. Same with my FFA pig in school. We planned on butchering Louie at the end of my senior year but just couldn’t do it. He had become a family pet.

My weirdness didn’t stop at beef and pork. I remember the first time my mom cooked one of our chickens. I was thinking how small it was and that it was kind of tough. Eating that chicken made me wonder what the poultry farms do to the chickens to make them so big and tasty. Our chicken was home grown, hand fed and as natural as they come but barely palatable.

During the past several years I’ve tried to limit my beef but being an Okie, it is hard to resist a big ole steak. I decided to take the ’30 day Veg pledge’ as a challenge to myself. I really don’t think it will be a problem but we’ll see.

My post after watching the video...
I have always thought PETA was an acronym for People Eating Tasty Animals. I watched this video on the PETA website and knew that I would never eat meat again.

I have always assumed that PETA members were crazy liberal hippies with too much time on their hands, and to some extent I still agree. I don't see myself standing outside of Macy's throwing red paint on fur coats or believing that everyone should be vegetarian just because I am. In fact, I had my husband and 16 year old daughter watch the video. They both looked at each other and said they wanted a steak.

I'm not making some hippie statement, I don't have an agenda. It is simply a choice that I have made and plan to keep the promise to myself.

More soon...

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