Monday, February 25, 2013

Smells like Grandma's house

This week I've hit every antique store in the metro area.  I am on the hunt for retro drinking glasses.  Our dishes are from the Pottery Barn Great White Collection so I don't want clear glasses.  That would be too blah.

We have seen a few that we like here and here but I think I might want to have a blast from the past and get something retro or vintage.  I can find them everywhere on-line. I have been tempted but as we all know, the hunt is part of the fun.

While browsing the antique stores I found myself feeling so many emotions.  I saw a doll and cradle that I had as a toddler and it made me smile.  I saw some things that reminded me of Daddy and I caught myself reaching out to touch them as if I was trying to connect with him.  So many things reminded me of my Granny's house.  All of which made me smile. A few of the spaces even had that musty, old smell like Granny's house.

My other Gram had bought eight antique custard bowls for me when I was 16 to put in my hope chest.  Last week I was so excited to find a set of matching bowls.  Again, I could find them on-line but the thrill of finding them staring right at you and then losing your breath with excitement is worth the hunt.

It occurred to me this week that I not only like antiques because of their age, uniqueness and quality but also because they remind me of a time passed that can only be relived in my memory.  Having these antiques help keep our loved ones and the past alive.

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