Friday, June 8, 2012

Long live the tube queen!

This year we had the typical Memorial Day. We went to the lake, cooked out with family and neighbors and then went to the cemetery on Sunday.

Saturday hubby and I hit the lake with my parents, my son and daughter-in-law. The lake was crowded and a bit rough. We managed to find a sweet spot so we tossed the tube in the lake with Christie and told her to hang on! She did really well. We were laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt. Her expressions were priceless.

My son Justin was next. He too was so funny. He got a rougher ride than Christie and did very well. He made us laugh as always, doing his trick riding and funny gestures. He got his tubing skills from me! He wiped out a few times and finally said “get me off this thing”.

Next it was my turn. My parents were telling the kids to pay attention because I was the ‘tube queen’ back in the day. Back in my day, we used an inner tube from a truck or tractor. The rope was about 100 ft long so you really got whipped around. When you took off, the tube would elongate so you really had to hold on until the boat got enough speed and you skimmed on top of the water. I can remember from a very young age my parents yelling at me while I was in the water “make sure the stem is down” and “don’t hold on to the rope”. Well, this was a different kind of tube. This thing was named Big Bertha. It had handles and it was so thick, it wasn’t at all what I was used to.

I got thrown off a few times and got the breath knocked out of me once but that just makes it fun. If you just sat in it, it was kind of boring. I ended up lying on the tube and wrapping my arms around like the old days. It was harder to hold on because of the tube being so thick. But I rode until I was tired, which wasn’t long.

It has been 3 days and I am still so sore but it was totally worth it and I’m going to go again, but I’ll be kicking it old school and won’t be riding Big Bertha. It was not as fun as the old days. The kids today have it too easy with their handles and stemless tubes. Wimps.

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