Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Throwing in the towel

My hair is thick, naturally curly and holds a lot of water.
Like most women, when I get out of the shower I have always used a towel for drying off and one for my hair.

I recently heard a naturally curly hairdresser say that most curly girls give more care to a silk blouse than their hair. That statement hit home. I feel that my curly hair is my best feature and I was neglecting it.

Throwing in the towel
Curly hair 101 is do not rub your hair with a towel. The rough texture of the material, typically terry cloth, dulls your hair and increases the frizz (the f word to curly girls) by disrupting the natural flow of the curls.

I traded my towel for a turbin
I found an awesome turbin to wrap my hair up after a shower. It is very light and is a waffle pattern made of Polyester/nylon. It is gentle on my curls and absorbs just enough water that by the time I apply my make up and start the coffee pot, I am ready to style my hair. I hang it up to dry and it is ready the next morning. It is machine washable.

This hair turbin is the best $7.99 investment that this curly girl has ever made!

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